Here Is Mario Manningham’s Catch That Pretty Much Won The Giants The Super Bowl (Video)

mario manningham catchFour years ago it was David Tyree going up and making a great catch to help set up the New York Giants for a game-winning touchdown during Super Bowl XLII.  Tyree wasn’t around for the Giants when they needed him while trailing by two late in the fourth quarter of Super Bowl XLVI last night, but thankfully, Mario Manningham was.

Beginning the drive on their own 12-yard line with under four minutes remaining in the game, the Giants had a long distance to travel in order to set themselves up for the game’s go-ahead score.  They would get 38 much-needed yards on the following connection between Manningham and Eli Manning.

It may not receive the same attention as Tyree’s catch from four years ago, but their importance bears a striking resemblance, and so to does the final outcome of  both games.  Check it out.

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