13 Pro Careers Interrupted By Incarceration

For most sports fans, living the life of a professional athlete is the ultimate fantasy. People chanting your name, exotic cars, fancy suits, gorgeous women—what’s not to fantasize about?* So to those of us sitting at home watching the game on the couch, it’s always mind-boggling when we see pro athletes misbehaving or getting involved in illegal activities that land them in prison. Why, we wonder, would these guys ever do anything that could jeopardize their lucrative careers?

*Besides the endless traveling, debilitating injuries, family always asking you for money, and insane pressure to perform night in and night out

Well, human nature is what it is, and being rich and famous doesn’t mean you’re not greedy and stupid. So sometimes, pro athletes end up in jail.

Today we’re going to take a look at 13 such pro athlete-convicts who had their careers interrupted by incarceration. But don’t worry: this will be Vick-free list. You’ve heard enough about that guy, and frankly I’m tired of writing about him. Thus, since we all know he went to jail for running a dogfighting ring, we’ll just leave him off.

So with that said, click away to see who comes in at #13…

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