Blonde Giants Fan Attends Giants’ Super Bowl Parade To See…Mark Sanchez? (Video)

female giants fan wants sanchezYou simply have to love bandwagon footballs fans.  You couldn’t find them within 100 yards of a television every Sunday throughout the entire NFL season, but once they realize their New York Giants are in the Super Bowl, they are the first ones to buy a jersey and paint their face blue for the big game.  And after their newly-adopted favorite team wins it all, they are always the first to hit the streets and celebrate with all of the diehards who spent the past five months enduring the aches and pains of another roller-coaster season.

One can only image that there were thousands of bandwagoners among the nearly one million fans that gathered along the streets of Manhattan earlier today to celebrate the Giants’ Super Bowl XLVI win over the New England Patriots.  We spotted one of them in the video below.

Sounds like someone’s going to be disappointed when they find out that Mark Sanchez won’t be attending this year’s Super Bowl parade in New York.  And no, we are not talking about Rex Ryan.

Check it out.

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