Circus Performer Gets Clotheslined By Wire During Motorcycle Stunt (Video)

circus motorcycle stuntFirst, I’d like to start off by informing anyone not familiar with the circus that getting clotheslined by a wire and crashing 50 feet onto the floor below is not “just a part of the act.”  Now with that being said, I can’t help but wonder what the organizers of this Shrine Circus show in Saginaw were thinking when they decided to put up several wires in the air just beyond the ramp that was being used for the motorcycle stunt jumps.

According to reports, the wire that intercepted Josh Hadford during his flight through the air was supposed to be lowered prior to his jump.  Unfortunately, it wasn’t, causing Hadford to suffer a nasty fall that resulted in a broken leg, wrist, elbow and shoulder, and a year’s worth of nightmares for the children in attendance.

Check it out.

Hat Tip – [WNEM]

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