Dez Bryant Gives TMZ Cameraman A Face Full Of Groin (Video)

dez bryant groin to tmz cameraman faceTMZ has made a living reporting on the strange, funny and embarrassing incidents that happen to others (mainly celebrities).  However, this time they are reporting on a strange, funny and embarrassing incident that happened to one of their own, as they decided to get in on the fun during a celebrity basketball game over Super Bowl weekend.

Due to a loss to the New York Giants on the final day to the 2011 NFL regular season, Dallas Cowboys receiver Dez Bryant found himself on the hard-court, rather than the gridiron, this past weekend.  But despite not being in Sunday’s big game, Bryant was still looking to make the most of the weekend as he attempted to put on a show for those in attendance at Hinkle Fieldhouse by throwing down slam dunk after slam dunk.

One TMZ cameraman got a close-up view of the entire show, although, he’ll probably be the first to tell you that his “close-up” turned out to be a little too close for his liking when he was treated to a face full of Bryant’s groin while volunteering to stand in front of the basket during one of his dunks.

Check it out.

Hat Tip reader CP.


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