Giant 40-Foot Whale Shark Caught In Pakistan (Pics)

Whenever I hook a bass during any of my many fishing journeys throughout the summer season, I tend to get awfully excited, no matter how big the fish or how many I have caught before.  After all, nothing tastes better than your very own catch.

With that being said, I can only imagine how excited the Pakistani fishermen were when they reeled in this 40-foot, 20-ton whale shark that was located in the Arabian Sea.  After discovering the dead fish floating in the water off the coast of the southern Pakistani city of Karachi, the fisherman brought it to shore where they sold it to Qasim Khan for $2,200 shortly after.

Khan then decided to charge visitors 20 rupees (22 cents) to see the beast, but after receiving payments from several thousand onlookers during Wednesday’s viewing session, the operation was shut down on Thursday by police, who feel that the public has a right to look at the whale shark for free.

Because we also feel that everyone has the right to see the giant fish for free, we have provided you with the following images of it.

whale shark 1

whale shark 2

whale shark 4

whale shark 5

Hat Tip – [The Star…pictures via Acid Cow]


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