Pitch Invader Slide Tackles Middlesbrough’s Justin Hoyte During FA Cup Match (Video)

justin hoyte pitch invader slide tackleAs a speedy back that finds himself chasing down loose balls in his own half throughout the course of a match, Justin Hoyte knows that at any moment he could be slide tackled from behind by an opposing player.  Therefore, he likely anticipates such an occurrence on several occasions during every game.  What he has probably never expected, however, is for one of those slide tackles to come from a fan within the friendly confines of his own club’s stadium.

That unexpected event unfolded before the eyes of everyone at Riverside Stadium during Middlesbrough’s FA Cup fourth round match against Sunderland, as two fans stormed the field during the 90th minute.  One of them appeared to either intentionally slide tackle the back of Hoyte’s legs, or clumsily fall into them.  Either way, that unexpected attack on the Middlesbrough right back may have slowed him down just enough to allow the Sunderland forwards to break free during extra time and score the goal that gave them the 2-1 victory and put them through to the next round of the FA Cup.

For footage of the pitch invading slide tackler, check out the video below.

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