Full-Court, Bounce Pass, Alley-Oop May Be The Best Buzzer-Beater Ever (Video)

bounce pass alley-oop buzzer beaterIt seems as though every day there is new footage of a buzzer-beating shot in a high school basketball game surfacing on YouTube.  We have another one to show you today, however, this one – which takes place during a Vinita Hornets high school game in Oklahoma – is not like any other we have ever seen before.

At the moment, I am not quite sure if the basket counted, or if it had any effect on the game (according to one YouTube commenter, the score was 52-40 at the time).  But does it really matter?

Regardless of whether this full-court, bounce pass, alley-oop buzzer beater counted, or whether it had any impact on the final score, I still can’t help but be awfully impressed by it.

Check it out.

Hat Tip – [Reddit]

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