13 Hilarious Will Ferrell Sports Moments (Videos)

The other night in New Orleans, Will Ferrell randomly showed up at a matchup between the Hornets’ and Chicago Bulls to do the pre-game player introductions. As you would expect, things quickly turned hilarious.

Now, if it seems to you like Will Ferrell always seems to be making sports movies and turning up at some sporting event or another, well, you’re right. The man is a bit of a sports nut. In high school the funny guy played football, soccer, and basketball, and in college at USC he majored in sports broadcasting—which is probably where he developed his appreciation for the Cub’s Harry Caray.

So it’s only natural that, after switching gears and becoming a comedian, he’d make jokes (sketches and movies) about the stuff (sports) he loves. It’s also only natural that he would take advantage of his wealth and celebrity and just start showing up at sporting events. I mean, he always wanted a career in sports; he just got there by being an actor instead of beings a sports broadcaster.

In any case, today we’re going to count down some of the most awesome Will Ferrell sports moments. Because why not start the week off with some laughter, right?