Argentine Boxing Match Ends In Massive Chair-Throwing Brawl (Video)

argentine boxing riotThousands of boxing fans filled the Club Once Unidos in Mar del Plata, Buenos Aires, Argentina, to watch fellow countryman Luis Alberto Lazare throw punches at his Filipino opponent, Johnriel Casimero. Little did any of these fans know that by the end of the bout, they would be the ones throwing the punches.  And that wasn’t all that they were throwing.

After a 10th round TKO victory by Casimero during a bout that was littered with illegal maneuvers (Casimero was penalized in the fourth and eighth rounds, while Lazare apparently bit his opponent’s ear and hit him in the neck), members of the Teamsters Union stormed the ring with chairs, bottles and other weapons in an attempt to get at the man that had just beat their hometown boy.  With objects, punches and kicks flying at them from all angles, the only thing Casimero and his training team could do was duck for cover.  While that plan may have saved their lives, it couldn’t save Casimero from a concussion and one of his team members from two broken ribs.

I guess an Argentine boxing match isn’t all that different from your typical Argentine soccer match.

Hat Tip – [Larry Brown Sports]

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