Two Bone-Crushing Hits From The Flyers vs. Red Wings Game (Video)

kronwall hitRecords weren’t the only thing falling at Joe Louis Arena last night.  Bodies were as well, as the battle between the Detroit Red Wings and the Philadelphia Flyers was not one for the faint of heart.

With the Red Wings looking to tie the NHL record for consecutive home victories (20, which was set by the Bruins in 1929-30, and matched by the Flyers in 1976), the Flyers were hoping to make their trip into the record books a bumpy one.  Zac Rinaldo would do just that in the first period, as he laid out Red Wings defenseman Jonathan Ericsson with a nasty-looking hit behind the net.  Rinaldo would receive a 2-minute penalty for charging on the play, and he has since been summoned to speak with NHL Chief Disciplinarian Brendan Shanahan regarding the possibility of a fine and/or suspension.

While Rinaldo and the Flyers may have set the tone physically in the first period with that check, they certainly weren’t the only team initiating the contact in this game.  At no point was that more evident than four minutes into the second period, when Red Wings defenseman Niklas Kronwall laid out the Flyers’ Daniel Briere with a crushing open-ice hit.

The hit drew the attention of several Wings and Flyers players – creating a great scoring chance for Detroit’s Justin Abdelkader – but it did not draw a penalty from Steve Kozari or Dennis Larue, who were officiating this game.

In the end, the Wings would earn the 4-3 victory, tying the NHL record for consecutive home wins.  They will look to break that record when they host the Dallas Stars tomorrow night.  You can bet that the Stars will have one eye set on ending the Wings’ streak.  As for their other eye, it should be looking out for the Kronwall Express.  After all, that’s one train whose tracks you don’t want to stumble upon.

You can check out Rinaldo and Kronwall’s highlight reel hits in the two videos below.

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