20 Awesome Athlete-Celebrity Look-Alikes

It’s funny how athletes always want to hang out with celebrities, and celebrities always want to hang out with athletes. There’s a weird kind of synergy between the two sets of super wealthy people—each seems to understand the other, and yet each also wants to be like the other. Meanwhile, the rest of us would have thought they’d all just be content to be super wealthy. But what do we know, right?

Anyway, while it’s extremely difficult for a pro athlete to cross over and become a hollywood celebrity, some of them at least look like celebrities. And if the athlete is not particularly well-known—like Roberto Luongo in Alabama—it might be pretty cool to walk into a Waffle House and be mistaken for a famous actor. (Though, to take the example I just gave, I’m not sure you would want to be mistaken for Sacha Baron Cohen in Alabama…not after Borat.)

Here are 20 pairs of athlete-celebrity look-alikes. In some cases, the comparisons are flattering for either the athlete or the celebrity, or both. In other cases…not so much. But what can you do? It’s nature.