Alessandro Del Piero’s Voice Wakes Juventus Fan From Two-Week Coma

alessandro del piero

Tim Tebow and Jeremy Lin have taken the sports world by storm with their play on the field/court and their faith in God off of it, however, I can almost assure you that neither of these Jesus-praising individuals has ever woken a girl up from a two-week coma.

Alessandro Del Piero has!

The Juventus striker recorded both audio and video messages for 12-year-old Juventus fan Jade of Ceredigion, Crotone, after she slipped into a coma while watching her favorite team and player in action.  The nurses at Cosenza hospital have since been playing her the messages from Del Piero on a daily basis, and their strategy worked to perfection, as Jade eventually began moving her hand.  Twenty-four hours later, she had fully awaken from her coma.

Interestingly enough, her first request after waking up was for a bowl of ice cream.  Perhaps she should have taken it a step further and requested that it be delivered by Del Piero himself.

Hat Tip – [Metro]

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