Here’s Mike Tyson’s Halftime Interview At The Knicks Game (Video)

tyson msg interviewMike Tyson was in attendance at Madison Square Gardens last night to get a firsthand look at “Linsanity.”  But with Jeremy Lin and the rest of the New York Knicks in the locker room taking a break during halftime, it was the perfect opportunity for the MSG Network’s Jill Martin to step in and conduct her 60 second “Live from Celebrity Row” interview with the former heavyweight champion.

It has been a while since Tyson provided us with one of his foul-mouthed rants, and while he did manage to keep it clean throughout most of last night’s interview, he did experience a slight slip of the tongue while answering a question regarding the dumbest money he’s ever spent.  As for the most interesting question of the interview, that would have to be the one where Jill offers him “one life do-over.”

You’d think a man that was convicted of rape and sentenced to prison time would name that as his “life do-over.”  Surprisingly, that was not the case.  To find out how Tyson answered that question and all the others, check out the video below.

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