Hot Sorority Girl Asks “Black Guy Jerry Lin” On A Date. Disappointment Likely To Ensue (Video)

sorority date with jeremy linThe gorgeous Angie of Florida State’s kappa delta sorority is looking for a formal date.  Judging by the sound of her proposal video, it seems as though she is attracted to black football players.  Unfortunately for her, she knows nothing about sports and has therefore mistaken the New York Knicks’ Asian-American points guard Jeremy Lin with some black member of the Super Bowl winning New York Giants by the name of “Jerry Lin,” who clearly doesn’t exist.

That is bad news for this big-breasted bimbo (How does she not know who Jeremy Lin is?  Does she live under a rock?), as we doubt she will have any problems finding a date for the formal with a rack like that, but it is highly unlikely that it will be either Jerry Lin or Jeremy Lin.

Hat Tip – [The Nosebleeds]

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