Squaw Valley Has The World’s First “Ski-Thru” Starbucks (Video)

ski-thru starbucksHave you ever found yourself skiing or snowboarding down the hills when suddenly you get an irresistible urge for a coffee?  At most ski resorts, that would mean having to take off your skies, place them somewhere with your poles, and walk a good distance in those annoying boots until you find the first place that will serve you a fresh cup of Joe.

But not at Squaw Valley Ski Resort!

Being one of the largest ski areas in the United States, Squaw Valley Ski Resort in Olympic Valley, California gets plenty of skiers on a daily basis, and a significant percentage of them are probably coffee drinkers that would appreciate being able to get their fix with minimal hassle.  Well now that is possible, thanks to the first ever “ski-thru” Starbucks, which allows skiers to simply glide right on up to the window located 2,400 meters atop the mountain and grab their coffee without having to ditch a single piece of equipment.

That is good news for skiers at Squaw Valley Ski Resort, but hopefully this doesn’t translate into an increase in drinking & skiing accidents on the slopes.

Hat Tip – [On The Snow]

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