15 Most Impressive Streaks In NHL History

Tonight the Detroit Red Wings take on the Nashville Predators at Joe Louis Arena, where the Preds will try to do something no team has been able to do since November 3, 2011: beat the Wings at home. In fact, this past Tuesday, when Detroit beat the Dallas Stars 3-1, they extended their home winning streak to 21 games—a new record.

Just how impressive is a 21-game home winning streak? Well, the record broken this week by the Red Wings was set by the Boston Bruins…82 years ago. So yeah, 21 straight home wins is kind of a big deal.

In celebration of this achievement, I thought it would be fun to take a look at some other famous and infamous NHL streaks. But unlike most lists, where you move from the least awesome to the most awesome, for today’s look at the NHL’s longest streaks we’ll be moving from the most impressive to the most pathetic.

Still, while losing streaks are pathetic, they are strangely impressive. So maybe the order of this list isn’t that unusual after all.

In any case, on with the show…

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