Here’s Nashville’s Answer To Vancouver’s “Green Men” (Video)

predators blue and yellow menVisitors making a trip to the penalty box during the post-season will often be confronted by the “Green Men.”  The Nashville Predators know that all too well as they were treated to a healthy dose of Sully and Force during their second round playoff series against the Canucks last season.

But after watching the Canucks and their “Green Men” get the better of them approximately nine months ago, the Predators answered back with a victory and some spandex-suited fans of their own during last night’s meeting between these two teams at Bridgestone Arena.

It may take these amateurs some time before they reach the same level of athleticism and creativity as their counterparts from Vancouver, but with the playoffs still two months away, Nashville’s “Blue and Yellow Men” should have more than enough time to get themselves ready for a lengthy post-season run.

Hat Tip reader Conor Trahar

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