JaVale McGee Does Another JaVale McGee-like Thing (Video)

javale mcgee goaltendStupid plays, like performing an off-the-backboard alley-oop slam when his 1-11 team in trailing in the third quarter, have helped put JaVale McGee in the doghouse this season.  His antics during last night’s game against the Sacramento Kings certainly don’t make it appear as though he will be leaving that doghouse anytime soon.

With the Wizards leading by seven in the third quarter, McGee figured it would be a good time to not only perform a goaltending infraction, but he also decided to send the ball into the fifth row while doing so.

Sure, the fans inside the Verizon Center may have been impressed, but Wizards head coach Randy Wittman clearly didn’t share that same feeling, as he immediately took McGee out of the game and sent him right back into the doghouse.

Here is a look at the play that got him back there.

Hat Tip – [Basketball Jones]

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