20 Sweet Slam Dunk GIFs

This weekend, while all the big movie stars are boozing and canoodling at the 84th Annual Academy Awards in Hollywood, the NBA’s biggest stars will all be dribbling and dunking at the 61st Annual All-Star Game in Orlando.  And although it’s pretty much a toss-up as to which marquee event is more worth watching—both are kind of long and pointless—the NBA does offer something the Oscars do not: a slam dunk contest. (If the Oscars did have a slam dunk contest, I bet Meryl Streep would win every other year.)

Interestingly, despite great efforts on the part of the league (led by commissioner David Stern) to screw this tradition up, it’s still the most entertaining part of the NBA All-Star Weekend. So to get everyone pumped up for this year’s contest, how about 20 awesome dunk animated GIFs? Wouldn’t that be nice?

Yeah, it would. So here you go.

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