Hot Female Shoots The Puck During Blackhawks Intermission (Video)

sexy blackhawks fan intermission

The last time we brought you footage from a Chicago Blackhawks intermission, it was because a brave young man had just professed his love for CSN reporter Sarah Kustok.  Well it appears as though Cupid’s arrow has found its target once again during a Blackhawks intermission, as I suddenly feel the need to profess my love for this gorgeous contestant from last night’s shooting contest at the United Center.

Sure, she may be a Blackhawks fan, but no one is perfect!  I’m sure I can look past that and simply appreciate her for her gorgeous face, tight body and busty chest.

Now I just have to find her!  And until then, I guess this highlight package from last night’s game between the Hawks and the Dallas Stars is all I have to remember her by.  If you decide to watch, do so at your own risk as she can be quite addicting.

Don’t say I didn’t warn you.