K-Swiss MFCEO Kenny Powers Channels His Inner Steve Jobs In Latest Commercial (Video)

kenny powers as steve jobsWhat do you get when you combine Patrick Willis chasing down a wildebeest, an interview with Bruce Lee, a moon crater hot tub with two busty chicks, and Kenny Powers as Steve Jobs?

If your answer was “a whole lot of awesomeness,” you are right.  Although, the answer we were really looking for is “the new commercial for the K-Swiss Blades.”

Kenny Powers has been awfully busy these days, as he continues to pursue his dream of returning to the majors while taking care of his newborn baby in the latest season of Eastbound & Down.  However, it appears as though that hasn’t stopped the K-Swiss MFCEO from continuing to take his company to new heights.

Here is a closer look at his latest brilliant idea to hit the market: The K-Swiss Blades.

Hat Tip – [Complex]

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