Ryan Braun: “I’ve Never Had An STD” (Video)

ryan braun press conferenceRyan Braun took the podium today to speak about his positive test for performance-enhancing drugs, his resulting 50-game suspension, and the eventual decision by an arbitrator to overturn the suspension because of the mishandling of evidence.

For those not already aware, Braun tested positive for PEDs back in October.  The positive sample, which was collected on Saturday, October 1, was not delivered to Federal Express until October 3.  The collector stated that he left the sample in his refrigerator over the weekend because he figured that would be the safest place for it while the Federal Express offices were closed for the weekend.  However, that violated baseball’s drug agreement, which states that “absent unusual circumstances, the specimens should be sent by FedEx to the laboratory on the same day they are collected.”  Braun used this violation in his favor during an arbitration hearing, and the end result was the overturning of Braun’s 50-game suspension by baseball arbitrator Shyam Das.  It was the first time a player has successfully challenged a drug-related penalty in a grievance, and needless to say, the decision did not sit well with Bud Selig and other MLB officials.

Braun reported to the Brewers’ training facility in Maryvale, Arizona today, and he addressed the media regarding this recent saga in his life.  Among all the “thank yous” to those who supported him and the claims that “this is not just about me, but about everyone in sports,” Braun also made it a point to mention that PEDs have “never entered (his) body at any point” (2:18 mark), and that he has “never had an STD” (4:13 mark)…

…Well that’s good news.  So I guess that answers all of our questions.  Play ball!

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