Canucks’ Coach Alain Vigneault Finds Something Funny (Video)

alain vigneault laughingWith everything from game plans to job security on their mind, coaches in professional sports rarely get the opportunity to laugh it up on the bench.  However, for the Vancouver Canucks’ head coach Alain Vigneault, he hasn’t had to deal with such worries.  With the Canucks sitting in first place in the entire NHL, his job security seems to be as secure as ever, and there isn’t much game planning that needs to be done when you have the Sedin twins on the ice reading each others’ minds and scoring at will.

As a result, Vigneault was able to unwind and enjoy a bit of a chuckle during yesterday’s game against the Dallas Stars after watching Vernon Fiddler get tangled up with linesman Don Henderson in front of the Canucks’ bench.

In the end, both Fiddler and Henderson would have the last laugh, as a disputed icing call with 53 seconds remaining in the third period led to the game-tying goal and the Stars would eventually win the game in overtime.  That sequence of events likely wiped the smile off Vigneault’s face.  Thankfully, we have the video below to help remind us of a time when the Canucks’ head coach was all smiles.

Hat Tip reader Conor Trahar

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