Check Out This Cross-Dressing D-Leaguer’s Failed Dunk Attempt (Video)

cross-dress dunkerFailing at a dunk attempt is probably a good way to get your peers to make fun of you.  Failing at a dunk attempt while wearing a granny’s dress and a wig is probably a good way to get an entire country making fun of you.

Zach Andrews of the NBA D-League’s  LA Defenders was a victim of the latter, as he donned what we suspect is his grandma’s outfit while attempting a double backflip dunk during the D-League dunk contest.  Anyone who has attempted to play a sport in a long dress knows that it is not an easy task.  Andrews found that out first hand, so for his second attempt he decided to lower the degree of difficulty and perform a simple off-the-backboard slam.

You can check out all of Andrews’ cross-dressing antics and the other D-League dunkers in the video below (Andrews’ dunks begin at the 0:35 mark).

Hat Tip – [Sweater Punch]

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