Cristiano Ronaldo’s Back Heel Goal Against Rayo Vallecano Was All Kinds Of Incredible (Video)

cristiano ronaldo backheel goalReal Madrid took another step towards dethroning Barcelona as La Liga champions with their 1-0 victory over Rayo Vallecano.  But that narrow victory over the 11th place club was only made possible by a bit of luck and a rather adventitious attempt on goal by Cristiano Ronaldo.

With the game screoless almost 10 minutes into the second half, Ronaldo found himself with the ball at his feet and his back to the Rayo Vallecano goal.  After scoring 28 goals this season while facing the opposition’s net, Ronaldo figured he would raise the level of difficulty and attempt to score without even looking at his target.  And like most of his previous shots this season, this one also found the back of the net, albeit, in a much more spectacular fashion.

Check it out.

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