A.J. Burnett Is Putting Daniel McCutchen’s Kid Through College

burnett mccutchen college fundA.J. Burnett doesn’t seem to care all that much if the front of his jersey reads “Yankees” or “Pirates.”  As long as the back reads “34,” he’s happy.

Unfortunately for him, obtaining No. 34 in a Pirates uniform isn’t going to be cheap for the 35-year-old starting pitcher, as the number is already taken by Daniel McCutchen.  So how much exactly is No. 34 worth to Burnett?  Apparently, its worth about the same amount as a college degree, as Burnett has agreed to start a college fund for McCutchen’s unborn daughter, who is due in May.

A good education can be quite expensive these days, but with $33-million left on his contract, not even the unexpected arrival of twins would put a dent in Burnett’s bank account – inflation considered.

Hat Tip – [MLB.com]




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