Is This Jeremy Lin “Superior LINtellect” Video Racist? Funny? Or Both?

superior lintellectWhile I do believe that there must be plenty of thoughts going through the mind of New York Knicks’ guard Jeremy Lin every time he drives to the hoop against the opposition, I highly doubt that any of those thoughts involve complex math equations that include “cornrows,” “African-American men” or “Super LINtendo” as variables.  Even if he does happen to be a highly intelligent Harvard grad.

And I also don’t believe Jeremy Lin, or the little voice inside his head, speaks with a strong Chinese accent.  But that’s not what the people at Studio64Comedy will have you believe, as they decided to take a rather stereotypical (racist?) approach towards explaining what goes on through the mind of Lin whenever the ball is in his hands.

Check it out.

Hat Tip – [YouTube]

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