Here’s Kate Upton Eating Carl’s Jr., Because It’s Too Sexy Not To Show You (Video)

kate upton carl's jr.If I wanted to justify publishing a video of Kate Upton eating a Carl’s Jr. burger on a sports website, I’d probably tell you that it is all somehow connected by the fact that Upton recently appeared on the cover of the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue, and the Laker Girls have also shown their love for Carl’s Jr. in the past.

But let’s all be serious for a second.  First of all, we all know that Kate Upton and Carl’s Jr. has absolutely nothing to do with sports.  They never have, and they never will.  And secondly, do we really need to justify showing you something as sexy as Kate Upton getting all worked up while eating a Southwest patty topped with jalapenos, pepper jack cheese and spicy Santa Fe sauce?  I didn’t think so.

You can check out all of the spicy footage in the video below.

Hat Tip – [With Leather]