Derrick Rose Had A Jackie Moon Moment Last Night (Video)

derrick rose big macsDerrick Rose recorded an impressive 32 points last night and was especially hot down the stretch while leading the Bulls to a 99-95 victory over the Hornets.  However, the fans inside the United Center would have been much happier if Roses’ 32-point performance was a 33-point performance instead.

With only 4.3 seconds remaining in the game and the Bulls sitting at 98 points, Derrick Rose stepped to the free throw line with the chance to bring his team to the century mark and earn everyone inside the building a free Big Mac.  Unfortunately, he would miss one of his free-throws, and that would be the difference between McDonalds dishing out 21,919 of their delicious burgers, and 21,919 fans going home with an empty stomach.

The scene inside the United Center was somewhat reminiscent of a scene from the movie “Semi-Pro.”  However, in the movie, Flint Tropics owner/player, Jackie Moon, can prevent his team from reaching 125 points and earning their fans free corndogs, despite his greatest efforts to do so.  After the game, Rose commented on his missed free-throw, comparing it to the scene from Will Ferrell’s hit comedy:

“I feel like Jackie Moon off of ‘Semi-Pro,’ ” Rose said. “That’s all I was thinking about, man.  “I saved McDonald’s a lot of money, so they should be happy.”

In the end, the fans inside the United Center were probably wishing last night’s game and the scene from Semi-Pro could share just one more similarity.  Where’s Vakidis when you need him?

On a side note, how are the Bulls’ fans getting Big Macs for 100-point performances, while we here in Toronto are awarded a crappy piece of pepperoni pizza whenever the dreadful Raptors reach the century mark?  You’d figure the crappier team would give their fans the better prize, seeing as how they are less likely to reach 100 points each night…

…Guess not.

Hat Tip – [ESPN]

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