Former Cal QB Breaks Paper Airplane Record (Video)

joe ayoob paper airplaneOn Sunday, former University of California, Berkeley quarterback Joe Ayoob (he was a back-up to Aaron Rodgers) threw a John Collins designed paper airplane 226 feet, 10 inches at the McClellan AFB Frys dot com Hangar to set a new world record.  And while many are busy applauding him for his accomplishments, I can’t help but wonder if having a former college quarterback throw one’s paper plane is even fair?  After all, I am quite certain that I could probably put the crappiest of paper airplanes together, make Aaron Rodgers give it a toss, and voila!  The new world record would be mine!

Are there any stipulations or rules regarding who can throw these planes?  If not, there probably should be.

So, I guess until I get Rodgers to throw my paper airplane, the record will belong to Ayoob and Collins.  You can check out their record breaking toss in the video below.

Hat Tip – [Reddit]

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