Job Posting For Toronto Maple Leafs’ Head Coaching Position Available On Kijiji

Lose a couple of hockey games in the city of Toronto, and before you know it an angry mob of Leaf fans with flaming torches and pitchforks will be chasing you out of town.  Unfortunately for current Maple Leafs’ head coach Ron Wilson, his team has lost their last six in a row, and ten of their last eleven.  That has made the pitchforks seem even sharper and the flaming torches feel even hotter, as the fans continue to request Wilson’s head on a platter.  Or at the very least, his removal from behind the Leafs’ bench.

Some fans have even gone as far as using Kijiji to begin looking for Wilson’s replacement.  As for the requirements, they don’t seem too demanding:

We are currently looking for a new coach. The one we have is significantly sub-par. If you are capable of creating plays more dynamic than the dump and chase, you are welcome to submit your resume.

A new coach is certainly a good start for a team that has not made the playoffs in the past six seasons, but it is only a start.  The fans may also want to add a No. 1 center, a No. 1 defenseman and a starting goalie to their wish list.

If you’re interested in applying for the head coaching position, you can check out the ad below, or follow the link to Kijiji here.

maple leafs coaching job kijiji

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