Let’s Watch A.J. Burnett Bunt A Ball Into His Own Face (Video)

aj burnett bunt faceBeing back in the National League for the first time since 2005, A.J. Burnett will need to get his groove back at the plate.  If his performance during yesterday’s batting practice at the Pittsburgh Pirates spring training session was any indication, that may take a while for the 35-year-old starting pitcher.

With all eyes on him, Burnett squared up for a bunt and tipped the ball off his bat and into his eye.  The result of the mishap was an orbital fracture, which will require him to undergo surgery tomorrow in order to repair the damages.  And if any sort of voluntary facial reconstruction surgery is required, it could end up cutting into the college fund for Daniel McCutchen’s unborn daughter (just kidding).

Burnett was expected to be the opening day starter for the Pirates, but that likely won’t be the case following this incident.  And when he is ready to return to the batter’s box, look for the Pirates’ coaching staff to hold off on the bunting and simply allow him to swing away.

You can watch the embarrassing incident unfold in the video below.

Hat Tip – [Sweater Punch]



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