Romania’s Stroe Brothers, Ages Five And Seven, Are Incredibly Strong (Video)

romanian stroe brothers strongI’m not sure what it takes to be officially named “The World’s Strongest Boy,” but whatever it is, I’m sure Giuliano and Claudi Stroe can meet the requirements.

Seven-year-old Giuliano and five-year-old Claudi live in Galati, Romania, and with little to do in their city (we assume), their father has kept them occupied by putting them through a two-hour workout regime each morning.  The results have been quite amazing, as both boys appear capable of executing maneuvers that are usually only reserved for some of the world’s most spectacular gymnasts.  Giuliano even holds world records for the most 90° vertical push-ups and the longest human flag.

You can watch these two youngsters demonstrate their incredible feats of strength in the video below.

Hat Tip – [ThePostGame via reader Ron Canada]

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