The Greatest Athletes to Wear Each Number: No. 99 to No. 00

You know a superstar athlete has become a legend when his name has become synonymous with his jersey number, and there’s a banner with that number on it hanging in the rafters of every stadium of every team he ever played for.

Ninety-nine? That’s Gretzky. Ten? Pele, of course. Forty-two? Jackie Robinson. Twenty-three? Jordan. Duh.

But not all numbers are associated with just one player. Some, like the number 32, are associated with multiple Hall of Famers from multiple sports. Then there are others, like the number 69, that just aren’t too popular for some reason.

Today, Total Pro Sports brings you a list of the greatest players to wear every number, from 00 to 99. And in addition to listing the player who wore it best, we’re also listing “honorable mentions”…just to make it easier for you to debate our picks.

So click away to find out who take the number 99 (like you don’t already know).