9 Old Ballplayers Who Should Just Hang ‘Em Up

Every March, as baseball clubs truck their gear to Florida and Arizona for the start of spring training, a handful of old guys with bad knees are faced with a tough choice: keep going for one more year, or hang up the cleats for good?

Sometimes these guys take a good honest look at their stats and determine, correctly, that they’ve got one more year left in them. This applies to the 41-year-old Jim Thome, in camp with the Phillies this year, who has slowed down but still got on base at a .361 clip last season, which was 40 points above the league average.

Then there are other guys—like Pat Burrell, Mike Cameron, Craig Counsell, Orlando Cabrera, Jason Varitek and Jorge Posada—who do some soul searching and realize they’re out of gas. Sure, some of them 5probably should have come to this realization last spring, but at least they had to sense not to drag things out any longer.

Unfortunately, the same cannot be said of all aging stars. There are still of plethora of creaky old ballplayers out there who can’t seem to read the writing on the wall, even though most of them don’t even have a team to play for. So, today, Total Pro Sports brings you a list of these old ballplayers—the ones who should just have to courage to call it a career.

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