Peyton Manning And Jim Irsay Share A Flight And A Ride From The Airport Prior To Break-Up (Video)

manning irsayCould you imagine breaking up with your longtime girlfriend, wife or fiance and moments later having to endure a long plane ride home with her?  And let’s not forget about the car ride home from the airport as well!

Can you say “awkward!”

Jim Irsay and Peyton Manning know exactly how that must feel, as the Indianapolis Colts’ CEO and the soon-to-be former Colts quarterback traveled together to Indianapolis on Irsay’s private jet last night.  They are both set to appear at today’s noon ET news conference to announce the Colts’ intentions to release Manning at 4pm today after he spent his last 14 seasons wearing the horseshoe on his helmet.

Reporters caught up to the pair as they were headed out of the airport together in Irsay’s car, but all they had to say at the moment was “we’re good, we’re good. We’re gonna talk tomorrow. We’re gonna do it the right way tomorrow.”

Needless to say, “tomorrow,” which happens to be today, should be quite interesting.

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