20 Hilarious Mascot Fail Gifs

Everyone loves mascots. This is especially true when your team sucks, and some zany stunt from an anthropomorphized lion or erotic banana is the only excitement you’re going to see all night. But while some mascots are world famous for their comedic shenanigans—like the Philly Phanatic, or the San Diego Chicken—most teams aren’t that lucky. They have to deal with idiot mascots screwing up stunts, tripping over their own feet, pissing off celebrities, inflicting serious injuries, or pretending to rape other mascots on live television. Of course, these mascot fails are funny in their own way, but I’m sure teams would prefer for fans to laugh with their mascots rather than laugh at their mascots.

Today, we’re celebrating the crappy mascots of the world by presenting you with a list of 20 mascot fail gifs. Sure, they may not be comedic geniuses, but at least they give us something to mock.

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