All Five Of Lionel Messi’s Goals In 30 Seconds (Video)

lionel messi five goalsYesterday afternoon I spent over 90 minutes watching Barcelona’s Lionel Messi make history with his five-goal performance during the second leg of a UEFA Champions League Round of 16 match against Bayer Leverkusen.  Anytime you get to watch the best player in the world in action, it is always quite the treat.  Especially when he is chipping balls over the head of the keeper or blasting them past his outstretched arms at a record pace.

Unfortunately, not everyone has 90 minutes to spare during their busy work days, but that shouldn’t prevent you from watching the brilliance that was Messi’s performance at the Camp Nou yesterday.  Thankfully, we have the following highlight package containing each of Messi’s five goals, and it will only take you 30 seconds to watch.

Check it out.

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