LeBron James Wants Peyton Manning In A Miami Dolphins Uniform (Video)

lebron james wants peyton manningPeyton Manning showed some class during his press conference in Indianapolis on Wednesday when he thanked the Colts’ entire organization and their fans for the 14 great years he spent with the team prior to being released and becoming a free agent that very same day.  While many may have been moved by the future Hall of Famer’s words, LeBron James was probably hoping that Manning would have taken a page from his books and simply used that moment in the spotlight to announce that he is “taking his talents to South Beach.”

LeBron wasted little time making those thoughts public, as he reminded everyone watching the Heat beat the Hawks on Wednesday night that “the Dolphins need a quarterback and Peyton is available” during his post-game interview with Jason Jackson.

Peyton Manning would certainly help the Dolphins, but what would help them even more is a Manning-to-LeBron combo.  You think James had that on his mind during this interview?

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