New Zealand Fisherman Catches 738-Pound Tuna (Video)

nathan adams blluefin tunaCans of tuna may soon be New Zealand’s biggest export following this catch by one of their country’s fisherman.

While fishing off the coast of New Zealand’s North Island in a six-meter boat on February 17, Nathan Adams, 42, reeled in a monstrous 738-pound bluefin tuna that may very well be the largest bluefin tuna ever caught with just a line and rod.  He is still awaiting word regarding whether or not his fish is big enough to break the current world record.  According to his wife, it is certainly too big for Nathan to be hanging it in his house, but we don’t expect that to stop him.

Here is a look at a clip featuring the giant tuna and the man that caught it.

Hat Tip – [Reuters]

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