12 Weirdest Team Names In The 2012 NCAA Tournament

I don’t know about you, but I’ve given up trying to be scientific when filling out my March Madness bracket. I used to study all the teams’ records, see who they beat and who they didn’t, analyze the RPI rankings—all that stuff. But I’d still lose the office pool to someone who doesn’t know a Duke Blue Devil from a Davidson Wildcat.

So a few years ago I just decided that, when a particular game was too hard to call, I’d just pick the team with the better mascot. And not only did this method prove to be just as effective as studying the state, but it also turned out to be way more fun.

Today, I thought I’d bring some of that fun to you by listing the 12 weirdest team names in this year’s NCAA Tournament. Because for every team of Bull Dogs and Wildcats, there’s also a team of Jackrabbits and Hillstoppers. And if I had to choose between two similarly ranked teams—one with a normal name, the other a goofy name—I’d go with the goofy one every time.

But if you don’t want to adopt my bracketology, that’s fine. You can still enjoy making fun of these weird team names.