Bulls Fan Spits In His Hand, High-Fives Jeremy Lin And Other Knicks Players (Video)

spit in handWhen I go to sporting events I often wonder why the players don’t always slap the outstretched hands of the young fans as they make their way onto the court, ice or field of play.  I believe I now have an answer to that question, thanks to the obnoxious, disrespectful little twerp that created the YouTube video below.

The fact that he spit on his hand and made others unknowingly slap it is both classless and gutless, but what makes things even worse is the fact that he thought it was funny enough to put it on YouTube.

After watching the clip, I really hope that one of two things happens to this kid:

1.  Jeremy Lin and Carmelo Anthony find him walking down a dark alley and beat him until the only thing he is spitting is blood and teeth.

2.  A man with a horrible disease slices a cut into the kid’s hand and spits in it.

Okay, so the second may be a bit overboard, but can you blame me?  I’ve never been a fan of people who spit on others.  And this case is certainly no exception.

Check it out.

Hat Tip – [Barstool Sports]


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