Evan Longoria And Jaime Edmondson Watched Steven Stamkos Score His 50th Goal Last Night (Video)

longoria edmondsonEvan Longoria has had no problems scoring off the ice, as he has somehow managed to work his way into the pants of Playboy Playmate Jaime Edmondson.  That accomplishment may even be enough to earn him the distinction of being one of the best off-ice scorers in sports these days.

Coincidentally, Longoria and Edmondson were at the Tampa Bay Times Forum last night watching one of the world’s best on-ice scorers, as the couple got a firsthand look at Steven Stamkos’ 49th and 50th goals of the season during the Lightning’s 6-1 victory over the visiting Boston Bruins.

When she first started dating Longoria, Edmondson probably thought she was dating Tampa Bay’s best athlete.  Last night, it became apparent that she isn’t, as Stamkos became just the sixth player in NHL history to score 50 goals in a season twice before the age of 23.  So does this mean she is going to dump Longoria for the 22-year-old hockey phenom?  Probably not, but if by some chance she does, we’ll all be able to point to yesterday’s game as the exact moment that Edmondson had a sudden change of heart.

Here is a look at Longoria and Edmondson enjoying the game.

And here is Stamkos’ 50th goal of the season, as he made Bruins’ goaltender Marty Turco look like a goalie from the 1970s.

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