The 9 Most Ridiculous Grunts In Women’s Tennis

For some reason, an ever-growing number of female tennis players cannot strike a tennis ball without releasing a loud, passionate grunt. Some players let out a deep, guttural grunt that sounds like their lifting a sofa. Others let out high-pitched screams that sound more like angry sex. But either way, once you notice it, that’s all you hear when you watch a match. Pop, grunt, bounce; pop, grunt, bounce; pop, grunt, bounce; pop, grunt, bounce.

I don’t know for sure if all the grunting made women’s tennis more popular. But there’s no question that tennis is the most popular women’s sport in the world today, and it started gaining popularity in the 90s— right about the time that “tennis grunts” became widespread. Could it just be a coincidence?

In any case, today, we take a look at some of the most famous grunts in women’s tennis. They pretty much run the gamut, from scary to erotic to hilarious to downright annoying. But in every case, they are just plain ridiculous.

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