Adam Burish Throws Tanner Glass’ Glove Into The Crowd, Mayhem Ensues (Video)

adam burish throws gloveYou can punch him in the face, slash him in the back of the leg, or give him a face-wash with the palm of your sweaty glove, and Winnipeg Jets enforcer Tanner Glass would probably be able to maintain his cool.  But the second you throw his glove into the stands, IT’S ON!

With frustrations boiling over for the Dallas Stars players during the latter stages of their 5-2 loss to the Jets last night, Adam Burish decided to provide one of the fans in the MTS Center with a souvenir when he tossed the glove of Tanner Glass over the glass on his way to the penalty box.  You’d think that losing a glove wouldn’t be such a big deal, seeing as how Glass was probably going to get a new pair within the next few games anyways.  But that clearly wasn’t the case, as the Jets’ forward chased down Burish in an attempt to exact revenge.

In the end, the only revenge he would get was the 5-2 victory, but at such a crucial moment in the season, exchanging a glove for a win is a trade that any player would probably make.  Even Tanner Glass.

Check it out.

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