Blake Griffin Airs Out Two Free-Throws In A Row (Video)

blake griffin airball free throwWhen it comes to dunking, few in the NBA do it better than Blake Griffin. When it comes to free-throws, few do it worse.

Griffin currently has the second-worst free-throw percentage among all qualified NBAers, with a terrible 55% conversion rate (only Dwight Howard is worse, at 48.7%).  And his struggles from the line were never more evident that during the second quarter of Wednesday night’s game against the Atlanta Hawks, as the 2011 Slam Dunk champion aired out two consecutive free-throw attempts.

Griffin may want to try dunking the ball from the free throw line next time.  Or maybe he should adopt the granny shot.  All I know is that he better do something, because what he is doing at the moment clearly isn’t working for him.

You can check out his back-to-back airballs in the video below.

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