11 Best Athletes Currently Under The Age Of 23

The other day, as I watched highlights of 22-year-old Steven Stamkos scoring his NHL-leading 50th goal of the season, I got to wondering: how many people can ever truly say that they’ve reached the very top of their profession, whatever that profession may be? And then I wondered, of those people who do reach the pinnacle of their profession, how many can say they did it by the age of 23?

Well, everyone on today’s list can say they did. That’s because, for today’s list, we bring you the 11 Best Athletes Under the Age of 23. Each one of these athletes has attained an inordinate amount of professional and financial success for their age, and each one undoubtedly has even greater success to come. And yes, Steven Stamkos is one of these athletes. Oviously. But where will he rank among the greatest young athletes in the world? You’ll have to read on to find out.

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