Brian Rogers Delivers Flying Knee Knockout (Video)

brian rogers flying knee koAfter suffering a TKO loss via knees during the semi-finals of Bellator’s Season 5 middleweight tournament, Brian Rogers was looking to bounce back during the Season 6 middleweight tournament.  Ironically, he would do just that via a flying knee TKO during his quarterfinal bout against Vitor Vianna on Saturday.

After stunning Vianna with a right hand, Rogers finished him off with a perfectly executed flying knee that landed square on the jaw of his opponent and sent the native of Kent, Ohio into the semi-finals, where he will face Bruno Santos of Brazil.

The fight will take place on April 20 in Cleveland, Ohio, and with the hometown crowd in his corner, you can bet that Rogers will be looking for another thrilling finish, similar to the one he treated fans to on Saturday night.

Check it out.

Hat Tip – [Cage Doctors]


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