12 Impressive Sports Power Couples

Here at Total Pro Sports, we enjoy coming up with lists of sports WAGs—i.e., athletes’ wives and girlfriends—for our readers. That’s because pro athletes tend to date very attractive people, so every time we do one of these lists it’s a win win—you guys get you look at photos of hot women…and so do we. But the other day I got to thinking: what do you call it when the wife or girlfriend is herself an accomplished athlete? I mean, you can’t exactly go around calling Steffi Graf “Andre Agassi’s wife.” She won 22 freakin’ Grand Slam titles, making her the most successful tennis player of the modern era. Agassi won a measly 8. So if anything, you should call him “Steffi Graf’s husband.”

You see my point. So with that in mind, I’ve decided to call athlete couples like this HABOWAGs, which of course stands for husbands and boyfriends or wives and girlfriends.

Actually, on second thought, let’s just call them sports power couples. HABOWAG doesn’t have a pleasant ring to it.

In any case, here are 12 of the biggest power couples in the world of pro sports. They’ll pretty much make you and your significant other look like a pair of losers.

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